June 1, 2023


First State Bank & Trust Co. to become RVR Bank

FREMONT, NE – First State Bank & Trust Co. has officially announced that effective June 1, 2023, its new bank name will be RVR Bank. Additionally, First State Financial Services will now be known as RVR Wealth.

“The name change really gives the bank an opportunity to bring our three communities together to operate as one,” shares Chuck Johannsen, President/CEO of RVR Bank. “We feel that this name is meaningful and embodies who we are as a bank. At RVR Bank, Relationships matter, Values guide us, and providing financial Results fulfills our mission. Our continual flow of expertise and guidance yields invaluable service to our customers and builds a community to foster progress.”

The bank continues to be locally owned and operated. The name change has not resulted in staffing changes. Customers can plan to see and work with the same bank employees that they’ve come to know and respect.

With the name changes come new logos. Signage changes will begin immediately and will continue throughout the summer. Three significant name changes to note include the Fremont Legion baseball team becoming the RVR Bank Legion Baseball Team (6/1/23), Two Rivers Bank Arena on the Washington County Fairgrounds will change its name to RVR Bank Arena (6/7/23), and the Two Rivers Bank Sports Complex in Arlington will change to the RVR Bank Sports Complex (8/1/23).

RVR Bank is a locally owned bank with $465+ million in assets and six locations in Fremont, Arlington and Blair. RVR Bank is dedicated to the communities it serves through community service and reinvestment, connecting business owners with the resources that they need to flourish and a team of 80 individuals working to provide the best service and experience to its clients.

Understanding Your Valuation

Real property must be valued uniformly and proportionately in Nebraska. All property in Nebraska is subject to property tax, unless an exemption is mandated or permitted by the Nebraska Constitution or by legislation. Real property is assessed each year as of January 1, at 12:01 a.m.

The county assessor is required to inspect all parcels of real property in the county no less frequently than every six years. Nebraska Revised Statute 77-1311.03 The Washington County Assessor’s Office will be continuing the 6-year review process of the county pursuant to Nebraska Stat