Location, Location, Location! The communities of Washington County enjoy the serene and scenic beauty of living in small, rural communities neighboring the Omaha Metro Area. Residents in our communities enjoy safe, quiet neighborhoods with great school systems and a lifestyle where it is easy to get to know your neighbors.

The Washington County Courthouse is where the officials of Washington County conduct the daily business of the County. A Board of Supervisors meets twice monthly to handle the affairs of Washington County.

The three largest towns in Washington County include Blair, Fort Calhoun and Arlington. Each community has their own form of Government.


Blair has a Mayor and City Council which conducts the business for the community of Blair. Blair also has a City Administrator and staff that do the day to day business of running the City of Blair. Blair’s motto ”A Promise of Quality” is reflected throughout the community.

Fort Calhoun

Fort Calhoun has a Mayor and City Council to handle the business of their community. A City Clerk handles the daily business in that community.


The community of Arlington is served by a Village Board, and as has a clerk as well. Arlington was recently ranked #2 in BusinessWeek.com’s 2012 list of “Best Places in America to Raise Your Kids!”